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Looking for unique and customized caps and hats?

At Woed, we specialize in realizing custom made headwear, including snapback caps, trucker caps, baseball caps and hats. Whether for corporate merchandise, events, or just a personal style statement, our manufacturers are ready to meet all your headwear needs.

Our focus is on sustainability and organic materials, which means we not only create high-quality caps and hats, but also consider the environment. In addition, we offer flexibility in order quantity, with a minimum of only 100 pieces per color or version.

Would you like to receive a quote for your custom-made headgear?

Our team is ready to help you, but we need detailed information. The more detailed your request, the more accurately we can compile your quote. If you have a design, sketch or descriptions, please send them along.

If personal contact is your preference, we are happy to visit you to discuss the design. We understand that a personal touch is often essential when creating unique caps and hats.

Don’t have a specific design in mind? No worries, our talented designers are at your service. They know the technical aspects of caps and hat production and can help you create headwear that is not only stylish, but also feasible.



You submit your designs and/or ideas to us. For each item we prefer to receive as many details as possible about desired execution, finish.
Then we will design 1 or more digital designs, and send them to you without any obligation.



Based on the inventory, we will calculate the most competitive prices for you. If desired, both for sample production and full production, giving you the option to have a sample made first. The cost of a sample usually varies between 40 and 80 euros, depending on your requirements.



You will receive a photo of a sample of the cap(s) we will be producing for you, or, if desired, a physical sample. Of course, your changes and comments can be processed into a new sample. Per production round, this takes 2-3 weeks.



Once the sample is approved, we get to work on the final production. This takes 4 to 8 weeks, depending on difficulty and busyness. Based on your detailed request, we will provide you with a completely free quote. For this we need on average about 1 working week. If you have submitted sample items and/or fabrics to us we usually need an extra week.

Please contact us for the possibilities:

At Woed, we are passionate about providing high-quality, custom-made caps and hats that meet all your requirements. Contact us today to turn your ideas into reality. Together we create unique headwear that really stands out.