About us

Woed, nice Dutch

We are Woed from the Netherlands. We make really cool products out of wood!
So here comes one of those little texts where we have to start talking at length “about us. But then you quickly think to yourself; is that necessary? You just want to buy products made of wood. Made of natural materials. 100%, handmade with love and joy. Especially for you. At WOED you order products that are unique, delivered quickly and make you happy. What you see, is what you get. We are not one with nature; we have both feet on the ground. We don’t like tree-hugging, we just like wood. But not in a wooden way, no swinging! With our products, you’ll be the boss of the dance floor, at any festival or just relaxing at home.

Rage. Because we love wood!

Have questions about our unique WOED products, payment, delivery or returning a product? If so, we’re always here for you. You can
contact us at: [email protected]

With every order a donation to Meerbomen.NU

For 13 years, the MEERGroen Foundation has been digging out seedlings on a small scale and successfully planting them in other locations in Haarlemmermeer. In March 2020, MEERGroen invited Urgenda to help think of a great use for some 50,000 seedlings collected by their volunteers during nature management. Urgenda emailed Caring Farmers and twenty farmers immediately signed up. Within three weeks it was settled: 50,000 young trees and shrubs were given a place in the countryside. That tasted like more! “One million next year,” the organizations agreed, and More Trees Now was born. Through a sudden donation of 150,000 pear trees, we caused pear tree fires across the country in the heat wave of 2020. #redeenperenboom was trending and the campaign was suddenly known nationwide. In mid-August, the counter ticked the one million trees and shrubs requested mark, and we put the counter on hold. In mid-November, the campaign really took off.